Find-me Follow-me and how it can help your business ?

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New telephony features and how it can help your business?


Gone are the days when people use to have one device (a desk phone). These days a typical office worker can have multiple devices. An IP desk phone, 1-2 mobile phones, a laptop, a PC, a worker can be remote to the office at home, in the field. Find me Follow me feature help worker to be productive..

FIND ME FOLLOW ME is a new telephony feature where incoming calls ring at all devices belongs to employee or worker, Incoming call may be distributed one by one on devices.

A worker can set priority and timing. A worker/user can choose to have different devices at different times around balancing his work and life, so this feature allows flexibility, encourage remote working, and bring surety for business. It’s a convenient feature to use. See above. An inbound call can be distributed using a timer and priority.


No more worries about missing customer call on any one device. Your business will keep attending customer calls in result better customer experience and loyalty from the customer.


Our business-grade Cloud PBX offers this feature without any additional feature license cost. In case if you like to learn about other features. You can request a free trial of our cloud PBX by submitting details to our chat robot https://www.innonet.com.au/.

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