1300/1800 numbers

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1300/1800 number and the virtual phone numbers

1300 /1800 numbers


  • It’s no surprise that Australian virtual phone numbers are in such high demand.
  • You can boost your business and generate more sales by getting a local call 1300 number or a toll-free 1800 number.
  • Never miss a call again with live telephone answering service.

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There are three types of virtual numbers in Australia:

  • 1800 Numbers (International Toll-Free)
  • 1300 Numbers (Local Rate National)
  • Australia Local Numbers (Geographic Dial-Codes)


1300 and 1800 are inbound numbers that mean they are strictly limited to be used for incoming calls only. The uniqueness of these two numbers lays in its ability to share call cost among the business and its customers.
In the case of 1300 number, the call cost is shared between the caller and the business that’s involved.
Moreover, 1300 callers are charged at a local call rate while callers to 1800 numbers are free as far as they are coming from any Australian land-line number. In this case, the business has to pay the full call cost and that’s why it’s named “Toll-Free-Numbers”.
There are numerous inbound numbers that are constantly updated. Well, if you are lucky enough, you might get a significant number linked with 1300.
But the same can’t be expected for 1800 numbers.
So, to this fact, we at INNONET highly recommend you to get your desired numbers immediately as the alternatives could be unavailable.
We are one of Australia’s leading providers of inbound telephony. We specialize in Local Call 1300 Numbers as well as Australian 1800 Toll-Free Numbers.

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How 1300 works?


  • Also known as local rate national numbers, 1300 numbers are of 10-digits. These numbers are unique to Australia. These numbers are used to build-up a professional image by offering customers a single point of contact.
  • Callers dialling 1300 are meant to pay a normal local charge for 1300 (usually per call rate) if they are calling from any fixed phone in Australia. Whereas calls made from mobile phones are billed at a constant rate that is determined by the mobile phone service provider.
  • The account holders of these numbers are usually business owners who are being charged according to 1300 number policy.


How 1800 works?

  • 1800 virtual numbers are also being known as free-call or Toll-Free-Numbers.
  • These international call numbers have no geographical limitations and callers get the privilege of free calls from any registered land-line number. But, callers using these mobile phones are subjected to carrier charges.
  • Talking about the account holders, they are meant to pay all the call cost. Moreover, all the call cost are expected to be charged at the per-second rate.
  • These toll-free services help businesses create a professional image and provide callers with a free and convenient way to connect with your business.


What do we offer?

We at INNONET take pride in providing your business with 1300/1800 numbers which in-turn allows you to build a national presence and help you create a professional image in front of the crowd.

INNONET helps businesses with a professional 1300/1800 virtual number to make your business stand out of the crowd by helping with the positive outcome.


Capabilities of a 1300 number:

Call log:

1300 provides an analytical data survey on every call history. It gives you a rundown of accumulated calls with analytical specifics.

Controlled routing:

It can send calls to either mobile or land-lines.

National presence:

It allows you to build a national presence quickly and open national market access for your products and services.

Professional image:

1300 number helps your business create a professional image in your particular industry.


INNONET provides Telephony Services covering 1300/1800 Numbers. We have a proven record of serving customers across various business segments and actively cater to the following areas: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney Norwest, Sydney Parramatta and Blacktown.

INNONET provides Telephony Services covering Cloud Hosted PBX. We have a proven record of serving customers across various business segments and actively cater to the following areas: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney Norwest, Sydney Parrammeta and Blacktown.

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