Phone System For Small Business


Having an efficient phone system is vital to the success of any business, big or small. For a small company, in particular, it is crucial to be able to communicate with employees and external contacts to grow the business. Whether it’s to call other employees in the office, call the sales team on the road, or host a conference call, a quality phone system will make efficient and positive.

There are a variety of phone systems available to small businesses in Sydney via INNONET:-

  • Cloud PBX (Private Brand Exchange) brings all small business communication channels such as voice, video, email, and fax under one umbrella in the cloud. Small businesses can save money by paying for what they use instead of a substantial upfront cost, which allows for growth and scalability without the worry of maintenance. The cloud streamlines operations. It allows employees to access information in one location, whether remote or local, through features such as call routing, voicemail to email, multiple device connections, and slight call pickup.

  • On-Premise VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Phone Systems differ as the hardware is set up and maintained at the office location, usually in a server room or closet. These systems offer robust features, and small businesses have control over every detail of the hardware and scope of the system. There is usually a higher setup cost and maintenance handled by an internal IT staff or outsourced.

  • Besides the phone system itself, small businesses in Australia should think about whether they want to use a 1300 number or an 1800 number to handle incoming calls. These numbers give your business a professional look and credibility to callers. Companies can use them for the lifetime of the company, moving them across different locations and devices in Australia. The difference lies in the cost: 1300 numbers share the value of the call between the caller and the business, while 1800 numbers place the price solely on the company. There is a cost-saving with 1300 numbers. However, some customers might be discouraged from calling, knowing they have to share the cost, which should be considered by any business.

Phone Systems In Australia, INNONET is dedicated to improving efficiency and productivity for your business. We commit to learning as much as we can about you to provide the best solutions possible with the latest products and services. Contact us at 02 9030 0495 today to get started.

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