Benefits of Cloud Phone System

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What are the benefits of Cloud Phone System?

Let us explore the benefits of cloud phone systems. The key here is when you make or receive office calls, It is important to use locally (e.g. Australia) hosted phone service for a better experience. Secondly, when you buy phone service make sure you have enough call line capacity so that your business should not miss critical customer calls or business sales. Thirdly, Your employees should be engaged without any physical location or device limitation (means employees should be able to work from any smart device laptop, phone, tablet at any place home, office, or overseas). Communication is the lifeblood of your business, let us take it seriously and deploy a phone system service that can provide the above benefits, and also unify channels like fax, emails, voice mails, and mobility to help run the business efficiently. Small and medium-sized enterprises are introducing cloud telephony in their daily activities, specifically for customer service as cloud-based communications enable employees to collaborate with colleagues and teams, providing better customer experience & support.

Why use Cloud Phone System?

As better & reliable internet connectivity is available in Australia, 5G is on the rise and NBN is being implemented, various Communication services (not only phone services) can be easily accessed via the internet from anywhere. This is the best time to invest in a good cloud phone system service. Especially post Covid-19 times, work from home and remote work is a new normal work pattern that has emerged. Talented employees will demand remote work options in the future hence cloud technology is here to stay and serve the business and employees. Reduce your office lease cost and offer remote communication capabilities to staff with the added advantage of the availability of your business service. (For E.g. A property sales agency can sell in the entire state with the use of remote workforce and communication tools.) One thing should be clarified here, cloud phone system service is not only just Zoom or Teams video meetings it’s way more than that. You need to analyze, evaluate, measure & manage the communications of your business not just “performing meetings”. As a business owner or IT admin, you must continue to visualize and improve communications happening inside the business, obviously, you cannot manage and control what you cannot measure. Our cloud phone system equips you with a high level of control in a simplified manner. Get in touch to request a demo or free trial.

How to find meaning in communications?

The users and the employees can enhance communication, The users can work with the cloud phone system software by integrating it with the business applications such as ERP management applications, CRM system, POS system, ERP, HR system. The users can customize the communication solution to meet the demands of the organization. Basically, the cloud phone system is flexible and your other business software can talk to it for added benefit. (e.g which customer called how many times, why is customer churn happening? etc.). At INNONET we help you to integrate cloud phone systems and business software. Get in touch to discuss your need. (E.g. Marketing example, These days you can create a marketing automated workflow to re-engage your past customers to increase the upsell, where integration helps (marketing software and cloud phone system) can send calls and SMS to initiate communication).

How to Unify Communications?

There are many types of communication happening in your business e.g. voice calls, videos, fax, SMS, someone working from home, voicemails on reception, call transfers, conferences, voicemails to emails, etc. Consolidating communications in one control system helps to visualize the performance, simplify the management, and saves time.


Today, we live in a digital era and it is essential to be connected from anywhere to business associates, customers, consumers & employees. We can get connected through mobile phones, personal devices, and office IT tools. In this growing and fast-changing environment, businesses should be looking for a centralized approach without giving up on the flexibility, simplicity & and cost-effectiveness of modern tools. With our Cloud phone system solutions, you will have the advantage of centralizing, saving time, money and improving the quality & efficiency inside your business. Talk to us and let us discuss the opportunities for communications improvemnet in your business.

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