What Defines the Best VoIP System for a Business Owner?

The businesses are fastly switching their landline phone lines for alternative options like Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP-based phone systems. Due to the availability of broadband services across the Australian landscape, these services have become quite popular. The managed IT service providers offer a wide variety of VoIP solutions to their clients. However, you need to choose the best VoIP in Sydney to transform the business communication systems. Here’s how:

Choosing Between On-Premises and Hosted Systems:

These systems are available in two main types that include on-premise and hosted VoIP. In the premises-based systems, hardware will be managed and maintained onsite. On the other hand, hosted VoIP entails the management and maintenance of hardware and software at an off-site location by a third-party vendor. Whatever system you choose, it depends on the level of expertise and hardware facilities that you need.

Finding a Reliable Provider:

In the telecom industry, there are many hidden fees and unknown clauses used by the service providers to dupe the customers. You should choose a vetting procedure after reading through the fine print.

For example, some providers may claim their services to offer unlimited calls. However, these will be limited to the local calls only. It would be best if you asked about their fee and charges before signing on the dotted lines. It is advisable to check the related case studies and testimonials to know about their success rates and level of customer services.

Check the Features You Need:

The VoIP phone systems include a lot of advanced features to help your workforce become even more efficient. Some essential functions must be preferred when choosing VoIP in Sydney. These include the ability to call forwarding that helps in rerouting the incoming calls to any preferred destination. Even if you’re out of your workplace, the call will redirected to a registered device.

Similarly, look for features like setting up conference calls to handle at least 250 people at a time. Auto-attendant helps in redirecting calls to desk extensions of your employees or call representatives. The system should be capable of integrating VoIP with other systems, including CRM.

Check the Level of Security:

The private conversations on unsecured VoIP networks are susceptible to cyber-attacks. It would help if you had robust security protocols for a system that serves as the communication center of your business. In this regard, you may prefer systems enabled with firewall protection that allows identification of suspicious traffic and blocks them.

Also, choose the systems available with multi-factor authentication to prevent chances of any unauthorized access to the calls and data. Voice encryption features further secures the sensitive account data from any internet vulnerabilities.

Apart from these, you should assess the costs and maintenance charges of using this system. With these factors in mind, it becomes easier to choose the best VoIP system for your business.

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